Thursday, October 20, 2005

Austin Film Festival Day 1

Wow... has it been a year already? First of all, I have to give Kudos to the staff at the AFF for the AMAZING new website and the added functionality. This festival is the best kept secret in Austin and it just got better by allowing the average film fan unparalleled interaction with the festival. From I can view movie times, read reviews, add films to a personal calendar, and get instant updates of any last minute changes. On top of that I can read filmmaker blogs and even add mine to the mix. Pretty cool!

As for as things I'm looking forward to... I'm got a ton of hard decisions to make. 5 films I won't miss- (in no particular order)
1) Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
2) Favela Rising
3) Stomp! Shout! Scream!
4) Americano
5) Ghostbusters!!!!

Look for me to update you on things I've seen, parties attended and people I've met. What are you waiting for buy a pass and meet me out there!


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